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Prekg canon sports day

Parents day photos pre kg 16-17

V B Talent Show

Bambies' visit to the RV garden

Flower arrangement by KG children

Navrathri celebrations 2016 by KG students

Talent show of Bumble Bees(UKG B)

Talent show of Bumble Bees

6 A&B Talent Show Photos

World Elder's Day 14.10.2015

Yoga day 21.6.16

Classroom strategies at RV

Talent show class IX 1 July

Blue day

V A Talent Show

Sports day 2016 Aug 20

Green day celebration

Teacher's day celebration

Navrathri celebration 2016

Flower Arrangement


Class 6 A&B Field trip

A trip to Mahabalipuram of class 7th & 8th

4th Std Field Trip Guindy National Park

Vijayadhasami pooja 22.10.2015

Ramana Vidyalaya 3rd Annual Investiture Ceremony