Physical Education

Physical Education forms a part of the curriculum and it includes skills development and physical fitness. There are a variety of  varied physical activities which include atheletics, karate, silambam etc. improve the overall psycho-motor skills and agility of the students. The playground is equipped with facilities to conduct outdoor games and open air spaces to conduct indoor games.

The school has represented at district and state level in athletics and football. We also have student development programs for these sports wherein deserving students are provided with scholarships for their training and education. We also conduct battery of tests (speed, strength and endurance) every six months to gauge the basic physical abilities of each student. The data is recorded in a structured manner and the end of the year analysis is shared with the parents.

Sports Uniform

Special sports uniform should be worn on the days the student has Physical Education period in his/her timetable and on other specific days as informed by their teachers.