From The Director's Desk

Welcome to Ramana Vidyalaya (RV)

As an educationist who has been in the field for more than three decades, I have always believed in the creation of dynamic educational environments that nurture learning in a professional and threat-free manner. At RV, following the footsteps of Ramana Maharishi strongly, we take great pride in providing an elite learning experience that is equally accessible to a diverse socio-economic population. Our vision is to develop every RV-ian into a caring, confident, contributing and aspiring citizen, who always has a strong sense of identity and belonging.

At RV, we strongly believe that every child is unique and a shining star in his/her own right. Our mission is to provide the right opportunities to bring out the very best in every child.We strive to achieve this mission by spotting and recognising each child’s cognitive,physical and creative potential, and developing high level of competencies, knowledge and skills that broaden the talents and interests across curricular and co-curricular areas.Along with formal education, RV believes in empowering the students with the skills needed for 21st century with a focus on‘learn, unlearn and relearn’. These include extra-curricular activities like yoga, art, dramatics, music, dance, martial arts (Karate, Silambam) etc., apart from the mandated sports activities.

Supported strongly by a core group of entrepreneurs and a proficient, competent and passionate team of teacher-facilitators, RV ensures an enjoyable, modern and technologically-advanced classroom experience that caters to the unique learning style of every student. We firmly believe that learning never stops, and our team of facilitators are constantly trained, motivated and equipped with innovative tools that leads to better learning outcomes.

I welcome you to join us in our mission at RV, and help bring the best out of your child.


Lalitha Chandrasekaran