Our Expert Partners

Its not only about academics at RV. Students here are exposed to a pleathora of opportunities that help them identify their core potential which is nurtured and enhanced by our expert partners.

  1. Students enjoy learning Science, the fun way in our QED labs - Our Science club partner: http://www.qedquest.com/qed/
  2. Transforming class rooms toThink rooms through Chrysalis - Our technology partner:  http://www.ezvidya.com/
  3. Revolutionizing classroom learning through digital medium - Our digital partner:  http://buzzle.ezvidya.com/
  4. Drama isnt just an Annual day phenomena. We empower our children to be stage performers in our dramatics classes - Our theatre partner: http://alchemykids.com/
  5. Our smart Report cards give you quicker reports at your finger tips - https://www.reportbee.com/ 
  6. You never miss an update, alert or a message from school - Our communication partner:  http://www.neverskip.com/